La Invasión del Monstruo de los Mangones Galáctico

Encounter of science fiction, art, science and technology to be held in Cali (Colombia).

Date: October 31th, 2009

Main Activities:
  • Release of the science fiction novel CALIEN, Diego Lopez
  • Release COSMOCAPSULA magazine, David Perez
  • Release of the 6th issue of NEOCOMICS magazine, Pablo Gomez
  • Poetry reading scifi, Lisset Perez
  • "The reality, mirror of fiction. An approach to Edward Scissorhands". By Perucho Mejia
  • "Victeria and Globuleo". The creative process of a short animated science fiction. By Alexander Giraldo.
  • "The Origin of ORIGEM". Pre-Production of a short animated. By Miguel Bohorquez Nates.

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  1. Hi mate! Who are you? It's nice and important to have this kind of stuff so we get Spanish-written science fiction to be knwon by foreign people. I might help you a bit with your blog. I'm currently an editor at Cosmocápsula Magazine ( and I'm about to start another digital magazine project but this time it is going to be on laguages and culture, it is going to be multilingual. I think this blog fits both projects' orientations so there can be mutual colaboration among all of these. I think we really should keep in touch.You can find me at cosmocapsula's contact form. Nice banner by the way :) See ya!