"Tiendita Alienigena" Diego López

Now Diego López tells us about "Tiendita Alienígena":

Tiendita Alienigena is a science fiction story with much suspense, terror and some humor. For now, I can advance it is about the adventures of several aliens who, for various reasons and motives, are now on Earth and they will come together to solve various mysteries.

One of the main characters is Dot Ñawi, an alien who survived the crash of his space ship in what is now peruvian territory, several centuries ago. All crew members died, except him. Now, in the present, Dot Ñawi is owner a shop specializing in collectible toys, comics and entertainment items. Life on Earth is not easy! This story is precisely named like Dot's business, ie, Tiendita Alienigena.

The first chapter begins in a forest during a dark and stormy night. A place Immersed in mystery and in which will happen something amazing.

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