"Abandonados" David Contreras

Now David Contreras tells us about his movie "Abandonados":

The motivation for Abandoned was born from the desire to want to tell a story that would convey a message and a legacy, which rises from the depths of the heart. Abandoned tells us many stories and is built through a parallel story baroque, which as it progresses through its narrative leads us to the simplicity of life, in which the protagonist, Professor Fernando Cortez (played by Chilean actor Cesar Rojas) is stripped of all material, so that the message is universal ... and this is love. A love that all we have now, since we know nothing of the future and this is our time on earth to change the negative that we have the time to touch a flower, to see a sunrise, to express to another being as esteem Him. Therefore, the secret legacy or end of the film is a very known fact, but not always practiced: "That this is our time to breathe and to love" and I think we have no doubt all aware of that and become better people every day. Time is short and know the more you will enjoy this road trip, brothers all, of this planet.

Moreover, based on the footage, the film was initially going to be one, ie, a 90-minute film, but decided to make a series of it, since in terms of narrative and tastes, I was interested as a writer and director show a story where the main character lived many events, like a saga, for which history is divided into three parts, giving birth to ABANDONED Gone trilogy, consisting of part 1: "Water War", part 2 "The Journey of Cortez" and part 3 and end on "Hope Mission", each one of the films an approximate time 90 minutes.

I always liked that kind of film where a viewer becomes involved as the story gradually, reaching a deep connection with the character, and coming to know and truly live their adventures, joys and tragedies.

The movie was shot in two months approximate, but the shooting schedule spread over a period of two years beginning 2008 and ending in 2009 in Chile. Shooting began in the mountainous area of ​​Antuco and recordings were made also in the city of Los Angeles, Concepción, Penco, Tomé, Osorno and Santiago.

In relation to many stories there. There was creativity, innovation, flexibility in the process and the sum of many contributions. But what is the range will be unforgettable, since much of the filming we were there and our faces and looks, both technically and my team were really decadent and exhausted ... but there we were with passion, love and joy building. We were dirty, asylees, food began to run out and now we were becoming almost the protagonists of the film that we ourselves were trying to photograph. And it was beautiful ... live like the process and also be "Left" and be in the Cordillera Real at the sky, rocks and clouds pass at the top of the sky.

This was a very enriching human experience of growth for all who participate in the creation. As a friend and colleague: "Humanity is humanity ... this movie all the time" (Rolando Guzman). And I believe it. Yes ... I humbly.

The film cost $3000 (dollars). Sounds impossible, but it was a great adventure and creativity feat realize the three films which gives me quite happy because it was the union of more than 500 souls together, and out of the screen.

David Contreras (Director)
As for the camera, the film was photographed in DVCAM and DV format. We used these formats fused using the technical possibilities of production we had at that time. And regarding the type of photography, we wanted a fiction film with elements of modern fiction and documentary and for that we made many camera movements and natural light in most cases, this to give more rawness and realism to situations presented us with the history of film.

As for anecdotes for the acquisition of resources was a funny story, this corresponds to that of the little Valentina. In the movie "Left" the protagonist of Fernando Cortes lost his little granddaughter, which is called Valentina, who died as the family of Professor Cortes after the great catastrophe. On a walk through the buried cities, Professor Cortés is a doll, which reminds Valentina.

It was a few days into filming in the mountains and operations and all expenses covered and no money in their pockets, we realized that we needed to make a purchase ... of course, was rather small, but very importantly, the doll Valentina , which appear in the film, so we would need to purchase two dolls alike, since one of them would be occupied in the scenes before the destruction and the other in the initial shooting range, which would burn and destroy a bit to generate the corresponding characterization and atmosphere.

Besides Zañartu Rogger (Producer of Abandoned) went out to tour the city of Los Angeles and look in toy stores, but found ourselves at our Val, until we reached a final toy store in the city and crossed fingers that there we found what we wanted for our happiness and so, hence the Rogger found ... and we look and we both said in amazement: "Yes, here is Valentina, she is." We told the seller that needed two of these dolls for the making of a film. He smiled and went to consult with his boss. Back where we were and gave them to us so we can make the scenes. It was a happy ending, we had our Valentina and her stunt double in the Chilean Andes.

At present we are finishing the movie SINO (Destination), which is in post-production and should be completed in August 2012. This gender is suspense and drama and was recorded in winter 2010 in the Andes and shows the journey of a young couple to the icy spots where they must face extraordinary events, which will change their lives forever, while in parallel is a little time to start the new production of Chilefantástico Ltda, entitled ZOHE gender and science fiction, set in the year 2084 in a post-catastrophe and will provide an entertaining adventure and many doses of action, plus the use of special effects.

And my opinion on the future of film distribution is very positive, always. I think the movies are always going to find their space and place to distribute. Whether in film, DVD or online. I think the distribution field is opening up in the latter format and that due to globalization and new media that is being devised to distribute films and audiovisual works in general.

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