"Genesis 88" Franc Sellers

Now Franc Sellers tells us about his webseries "Genesis 88":

Our motivation was enjoy doing it, learn and give life to a tale of fiction and characters who end up loving. I did it for motivation and pure pleasure of a creative level. Series consists of thirteen chapters and for now we have a season, but our hope is to continue because at the end of the last chapter is opened specifically for this purpose.

We used a Canon 60D DSLR. The reason was the most simple that we could have, because our resources were zero and we required an acceptable quality. As for the type of photography and the look of the series, we wanted to achieve bright colors inspired by my drawings that appear in the opening credits and some of the scenes giving an air of comic. At the same time I wanted to make a curious combination of the esthetics of a soap opera (telenovela in Spanish), but give some arguments of intrigue, mystery, action, humor, and science fiction so characteristics of this type of genre.

We have not had any subsidy or financial assistance. The costs have been minimal and we have paid our pockets. You have to think that we could only record on weekends. We did all this completely altruistic and we had to combine with our jobs, families and obligations. I don't know the future about movies and web series, but I think that the Internet is a platform that gives you great possibilities of diffusion for creators and is very important, because previously it did not exist.

There are many anecdotes. If I choose one would be: we had that record a scene in a parking lot of a restaurant in the evening, which we had done in several sessions. The last two sessions were more complicated. We started recording at 8:00 p.m. The boss of the restaurant comes back and told us that we should finish in half hour, because a bus arrived with many clients. It was completely incredible! We recorded twelve or thirteen shots with excellent results. It was miraculous almost impossible.


  1. Great .... small bites of humor and intrigue.

  2. Very good work guys!
    Who is Eugen Doriel??? I'm impatient...
    Great job!

  3. Very good work guys! Who is Eugen Doriel???
    I'm impatient... great job!