"Decapoda Shock" Javier Chillon

Decapoda Shock

The story of a crab astronaut.

Spanish Science Fiction

Now Javier Chillon tells us about his movie "Decapoda Shock":

I wanted to make something very different from my previous short film, Die Schneider Krankheit. There were very different things that I wanted to try and, in a way, I wrote the script to accommodate all of them in a wacky story. I spent two years in the making of the film. The amount of different locations and different actors and the tight budget made the process very very long. For example, the first scene with the astronaut was shot in the course of one year using three different locations and three different actors (two of them for the hands).

The film was self produced by Luis Fuentes (cinematographer) and by myself and we didn’t have much money to spend (the final budget was around 1500€) so we made everything ourselves or called our friends for help. Fortunately, we have very talented friends and things worked out pretty well considering the almost non existent budget.

We used an HDV camera, the Canon XL-H1, because a friend owned it and we could borrow it any time we needed it during these two years. About the look of the movie, we wanted to achieve a kind of a comic book feeling. We shot using orange as the main dominant color and also as the main color for clothes, props and so on.

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