"Seres Genesis" Angel Mario Huerta

Now Angel Mario Huerta tell us about his movie "Seres Genesis":

I love Sci-fi and I guess my main motivation was to make something that I loved and that hadn't been done in my country. At least not in a professional way. I wanted to show that this could be done in Mexico. Just by thinking about the idea of having spaceships visiting my country, was enough for me.

Seres Genesis took us about 5 weeks of shooting. It was an awesome shooting and I had fun doing it. We used two RED ONE cameras. It was actually the first feature film in Latin America to be shot in a Red Cam. We shot it as soon as the camera released their first 100 units. I wanted that camera because of the potential it showed and because it was something innovative. I love a challenge. I tried to have the "Battle Star Galactica" look in the film, because I LOVE BATTLE STAR GALACTICA! I felt it was like a homage to it. Plus it fitted perfectly to the telling of the story.

The budget was 1.2 million dollars. We acquired them via a government incentive called the 226 ISR program. That is actually the best incentive any government could ever give to support filmmaking. They involve the private sector, so thats awesome!

In my opinion, the distribution will only get easier with technology at hand. Having to forget 35mm copies and its decomposition, will benefit the filmmakers around the world, plus it will be easier to control and to ship out to theaters. Movies will become a thing of creativity and not only about who has the money to make them.

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