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Martin Mosca

Now Mariano Cattaneo tells us about his webseries "Martin Mosca":

Martin Mosca is a mix between science fiction and comedy. It tells the story of a regular guy who creates a time machine and uses for trivial things. Martin will soon discover that travel in time has its consequences: he could change the universal order, risking his life and the life of his love ones.

The idea came from movies we loved when we were growing up during the 80s such as Back to the future, Terminator, Wild Science, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones or Superman.

time traveler
Behind-the-scenes: Martin Mosca's house

We do not have a fixed budget per episode; the budget will depend on each script. Team work is the key for independent films, everyone involve helps between his capabilities. The human value of those making Martin Mosca is countless. But a webseries is not easy to distribute. There is a big exhibition window thanks to social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and this is awesome. Nevertheless, there is a lack of channels or websites that take the risk of distribute webseries in a way that creators get a benefit.

When you produce an independent webseries you always expect the unexpected, then you will be ready to fix problems at any way at any time. Working with no budget and tight schedules means that you need to fix things on the go, no one will do it for you.

During the eighth episode we required to shoot in a cemetery. We didn’t have permit or authorization (in Argentina that could take weeks and we were not in a position to wait) so we did the only possible thing: we get into the cemetery as normal visitors. We had to hide “Martin” and the “future traveler” between tombs and graves as they were wearing showy costumes and helmets. Anyways, this seams normal for a cemetery, as lot of people asked us directions without noticing our crazy outfits!

We used a range of Canon DSLR cameras: 5D, 7D, 60D, T3i or T2i. DSLRs are simple and effective cameras that shoot in 1920 x 1080 FULL HD. There's no mistaking the appeal of filming on a digital SLR. The relatively low cost, size and flexibility offered by your Canon shooters is turning once-consumer cameras into valuable professional tools.

Martin Mosca is produced entirely by Mariano Cattaneo (director), Leandro Cóccaro (actor), Hernán Márquez (actor) and Pablo Boyanovsky Bazan.

Watch first episode:

Martin Mosca will have 11 episodes.

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