"Rosario necesita heroes" Daniel Del Grande

Rosario necesita heroes

An astral war.

Rosario necesita heroes

Now Daniel Del Grande tells us about his webseries "Rosario necesita héroes":

The camera is an old Kodak made mainly for taking pictures of 7 megapixels, I think. I don't have it on me right now, but the video mode for this model is very basic and not as good as the photo mode. It was what I had at hand! The budget is almost non-existent, given that I use whatever I have at hand because for now is not a professional job, the purpose of making it is not money. And which is my motivation? Because I make it is hard to explain with a few words. So I can tell you for now is that, with time, I will be sharing a deep spiritual path of mine and what I have learned in it.


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