"Nova" Ezequiel Romero & Bruno Teixidor

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Now Ezequiel Romero, one of the directors, tells us about his movie "Nova":

Nova is kind of an experiment: it was shot in 24 hours and all the dialogues are improvisations. I had the idea of a world first celebrating the beauty and later dying because of the effects of arrival of the light of a distant supernova. To be able of shoot one hour in a day, we divided the crew in two teams, each following one of the main characters. We used Canon 5D's, mostly because we had easy and cheap access to them. The photography you can see in Nova is all incidental, born from the efforts of our DOPs of reach a pro or semi-pro look at zero cost and having almost no lightning (remember we had no time to set up the scenes, we only had 24 hours, so we had to shoot fast!)

All the resources, props, permissions, catering... came from the director's pockets. The whole movie is made with about 500 bucks. Nova is an experiment born from our simple and pure love for filmmaking.

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(SPOILER ALERT here, don't continue if you haven't seen the film) We only shared the beginning and the end scenes, where we reunited all the characters. As the script changed while we were shooting, pushed by the actor's improvisations, we realized we had no control over the ending. At some time, I called Bruno (the other director) and told him: "mate, we've just killed our main character. I'm afraid you'll have to invent another ending".

For us it's hard to prophetize the future of distribution. We have to educate our audience to make them willing to pay again for watching films, make them understand that they cannot exist without their support, but at the time, we cannot price our films as high as they were before the previous model's crisis, in a time where technology and reproductibility were expensive. Videogames and music indie developers have evolved better, maybe we should put an eye on them.

Watch full movie:

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