Cosmic Magazine

Now Paulina Verdejo, editorial director of the magazine, tells us about "Cosmic":

Cosmic is a comic magazine, a compilation of many histories and artists. It was born as an idea many years ago: the mentor of our editor, Fyto, was Maximo Carvajal, a national artist in charge of a generation biased to comic. Before die, Mr. Maximo told Fyto to "never stop fighting for national [chilean] comic", and that was his main motivation. While Fyto (our editor) worked in other people's comics, he developed some on his own and had the idea of making his characters to relate somehow in the same "universe". Later, he called other artists to unite more histories to this, and then we created a "multiverse". Cosmic has 7 different stories running and they are all related, in a subtle way (for now). Most of the characters are kids and teens, and the base of every history is the "bio-acceleration", a special condition that gives their powers.

We develop arguments and then those are divided between the script writers. Once a comic is ready, in written format, it is delivered to designated comic artist and they have to send back a layout. Once layout is approved it turns into the final comic.

We are careful with how to interlock histories, subtly, and to maintain every history in the context of our "CoSmic Universe".

We are a "small" group of people who are using their skills on different roles. We have a director (me, Paulina, electronics engineer and comic amateur), an Editor (Fyto Manga, comic artist and illustrator), our creative support (Juan and Pedro), Script writers (Pedro and Valentina), a Publicist and Counselor (Nell), and comic artists (Jade, Cecy, Crispawn, Rina, Romina, Sergio and Pablo).

For now Cosmic is local, but we send via traditional post service to anyone who wants it and who pays for it (lol). We just had a friend from Italy who received one :).

For comics in general, we think (and this is almost for sure) that the digital era is taking over and comic is not the exception. Fans want to see it fast and online, and if there is some animation involved, even better. Web-comic is the future. But even considering that, there are still people around who looks for the paper version, almost as a treasure. Paper still has something to do for Comic World.

If we consider the distribution, a web comic will reach a lot more people than a printed copy. A lot more. But for that, it must be for free. And that is the most important difference. Either you make people pay to view it, or you add sponsors to it. Both are complex to manage. Some authors take the risk and expect it to become popular (for example, sponsors can come based on number of visitors or views). We took the long way to accomplish our goals :) but it doesn't mean we won't navigate by the digital world!

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