"Ciudad Cheveronga" Diego Darío López Mera

Cheveronga City is Science Fiction for Children and Teenagers.

Something strange is happening in Cheveronga City as ice rocks falling from the sky and giant monsters emerging from the sea. Avatar Alex, a kid like any other, along with his friends in charge of finding out what happens.

Cheveronga City is a fast and cool sequence that opens the door to the imagination as a resource re-creator of a representational reality. Therin situations humorous adventures of fictional characters who roam the open window to the world narrative. The situations involving everyday subjects that remain in constant contact with the world of cyberspace and all that it entails.

Moreover, the text claims the friendship and ties of loyalty as core values in a relationship.

Cheveronga City has the merit of being one of the final stories in the Children's and Youth Literature Prize El Barco de Vapor - Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango (2009).

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