"Filmatron" Pablo Parés

Ciencia Ficcion Only they wanted to make a science fiction movie.

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Now Pablo Parés tells us about his movie "Filmatron":

We make Filmatron to show in a movie how we see the Argeninian system of making movies. It's some kind of protest-movie agaist our system. 

All the movie take four years of our live… a long time, but a good one. This is a no-budget movie, we put all the resources from our own jobs! It's a really small project made by a group of cinema-lovers. We really enjoy making all the things in a movie, we are a team of 10 people doing everithing.  We use a home DV camara, Sony PD150, we use that one, cause was the standard at the time we make the movie. (Today we use Cannon 7D, cause I can use nice lenses). 

Argentina Science Fiction

As for the future of film distribution, we are putting all our efforts in our Youtube Channel. We believe that the future of entertainment is in the Web, with the makers taking directly with the public. We hope for a future without intermidiates.

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