"Tinkers of the Wasteland" Raul Treviño

A post-apocalyptic comic full of chickens'n shit!

Now Raul Treviño tells us about his webcomic "Tinkers of the Wasteland":

My web-comic Tinkers of the Wasteland is the platform to heal myself. In it I like to express what I think and I’m not agree. Milla, Splitter and Chapi, represent me. They are a reflection of me almost all the time. Things that I like and I don’t like about my personality, attitudes and emotions. Tinkers have been helping me to say what I like and I don’t like. My web-comic is my second life that is projected in this fantastic world. At least in this first arc of the story.

The good part about doing it weekly is the fact that while I’m passing through good and hard situations in my life or because I read a book or I experienced something new is always influencing me in many aspects that I think it’s the way of enriching the story. I’m pretty sure the story would be way different if I would've finished it in a couple of months than doing it over a long period of time. It has been 2 years and I haven’t finished it yet.

On the other hand, I love the Mad Max looking style since I was a child and I wanted to use it in one of my stories one day. Since I started it has becoming part of the way I draw.
The idea came really accidental, I draw the first pinup and I thought, these guys can tell a story. That pinup is the one where Tinkers are riding a motorcycle.

Nobody else than me is in developing the comic. However, sometimes I meet up with some colleagues and I share my ideas with them to get feedbacks and resolve some points in the story.

The interacting with fans is always fun. That’s one of the parts I enjoyed the most. In the English version, I asked to the readers to check the grammar and any glitches or spelling errors in exchange of credit their names in the Thank You page of the printed and digital version. This is really cool since I’m not a native english speaker.

On the other hand, I haven’t had the pleasure to see a cosplay of my characters, it’s too soon for it I guess. It should be great to see it, though.

All the characters were created in my mind excepting King Queer. I’m really influenced by Frank from The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. I took it blatantly. I love that character, I’m not gay but I love gays villains, they really kick ass. Like the Baron Ashura, a half-man a half-woman being in the Mazinger Z anime.

As for Latin American artists, there are many out there I admire, José Ladronn is a colleague and a close friend; he advised me when I was staring making comics for real. Fco. Ruiz Velazco is one of those artists who believed in me supporting me in the beginning and Humberto Ramos as well.

As for the future of the distribution of comics, I don’t think book are gonna disappear at all. I think it’s going to be divided into two, maybe 70% digital and 30% printed. In my personal opinion the reduction of the print media is imminent, but not to the point of disappearing. By the course of time I believe that 30% it’s going to be special and limited editions. It is interesting to think so, I hope to see the resolution of this.

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