"Marihuana Radioactiva Interplanetaria" Marcelo Leguiza

Now Marcelo Leguiza tell us about his movie "Marihuana Radioactiva Interplanetaria":

My main motivation for filming the movie was that we had 12 years as a production company and we celebrate it with a movie. We were filming Mocosis, it was more complicated, I stopped shooting and we shot the Marihuana Radioactiva Interplanetaria (Interplanetary Radioactive Marijuana) because it was easier.

The movie was filmed entirely with a Pal Sony PDX 10, we use that because it was the only camera we had, after the movie I bought a Pal HDV Sony V1. Now we filmed with Canon T3I.

Nearly 60% of the movie was filmed in two days, then added seven more days. The movie was filmed in summer but we added many scenes in winter. We suffer the cold, and summer clothes that did not protect us much.

The film's budget was $500. The alien costume was not created for the film, was given by a technician, who had made it as hobby. As I saw it was quite striking I borrowed and saved the expense. To cover some imperfections and modify it a bit, we put the t-shirt of a soccer club in Argentina, Racing.

In the movie there are many jokes in our neighboring country, Uruguay. With much fear we traveled to a festival of that country to present the movie, but had great acceptance and everyone laughed.

Currently, we are preparing the DVD and the premiere of MOCOSIS on YouTube, our third feature film. We are finishing the post production of our fourth movie SONRIE. Its premiere will be in October and we are in pre-production to film a new movie in November.

By early 2013, will shoot Interplanetary Radioactive Marijuana 2.

Watch full movie:

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