"La maquina que escupe monstruos y la chica de mis sueños" Diego Labat & Agustin Ross

Ciencia Ficcion Argentina

Now Diego Labat and Agustin Ross tell us about their movie "La máquina que escupe monstruos y la chica de mis sueños":

We wanted to make a film we wanted to see, different from argentinian aesthetics. We are both animation fans and we admire director who uses animation logic in live action films (such as Terry Gilliam, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson or Tim Burton). So we decided to make a live action film with cartoon logic. We believe that's the main essence of the film. There constant references to South Park, Tex Avery, Hannah Barbera, The Simpsons or Richard Williams. On the other hand, we are both sci fi fans and B movies fans, so we kind of mixed all up in one movie.

We used a Canon 7D. The reason we used it was because it was the best quality camera we could afford (and the image does look great). The movie (and us) hate realism. I think the main reason for the movie's look is getting as far away as possible from argentinian realism. We wanted everything to be in this animated logic. 

We shot the movie in 22 days. We made it with a very very low budget. But we decided to write it, shoot it and throw it into the Internet within a year (fortunately, we did it). The budget for the film was around 5000 dollars. But we had a lot of help from people who approched our website and lend us services or their presence in order to help. Some money was gathered from donations, but our main budget was from our pockets.

argentinian science fiction

We believe that Internet changed the way we look at movies. Musicians understood it well. Nowadays, it's possible for a musician to exhibit their work online, but filmmakers tend to think different. Everyone downloads movies from the Internet. We are used to watch movies from our computers. You can't fight that. We believe that instead we should take advantage of it, letting us have a world wide cinema, which we can control and lets us do what we want the most: we want our picture to be seen. As much as possible. Filmmakers should be aware of the possibilities Internet gives you.

Watch full movie:

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