"Styncat" Cacahuetex

Now the Cacahuetex team tell us about their webseries "Styncat":

We grew up with movies, series, TV shows that made our childhoods. It started like a hobby doing sketches and shortfilms and we ended creating our own audiovisual production "Cacahuetex". But we always had the idea of making something bigger like our own movie or series.

We saw a webseries online contest and we decided to participate. We didn't want to do another sitcom like most of the product that you can find online in matter of webseries so we started this crazy idea full of action, comedy and science fiction mixing all the cool things that we've watched in all that movies and series from our lives. Our real motivation wasn't winning, it was make real our idea, so even when we obviously didn't win we decided to carry on and make it happen.

Styncat took us more than a year the entire process so there are lots of anecdotes. It's our first serious project so obviously we had a lot problems, and funny facts to share.

It seemed like one location, where we filmed most of the action scenes of the last episode was cursed, not a single day we were able just to go there and film with normality. It was like an open space but to get in we needed a key and each time we went with the key they changed the lock or when we had the correct key somebody had reserve the space or they were doing a gym class or there was a concert and hundreds of people. Anyway in the end the result was better than expected due to the circumstances.

And other anecdote -just in case you don't know and between other things- Toledo is known for the swords and the steel, so we went to Toledo to buy the swords that we were gonna use in the show.

After looking prices in every shop we bump into this place and we started talking with the owner asking him about a cheap katana due to our budget and he brought this zebra katana. It was possible one of the ugliest things we ever saw but we decided to buy 2 of them for the price. Now we love them and also they give some personality to the weapon of the main character, so now whenever someone sees a zebra katana, it'll be a reminder of Styncat.

We have 3 Canons 550D and the main reason why we used those cameras was our budget. The price-quality of the Canon 550D is really good and It was just what we were looking for in a product for Youtube.

About the type of photography and the look, we wanted this conspiratorial look in the photography and that's why we choose cold and blue colors.

We started with 450 € and we were adding money to that whenever we needed something else, most of our budget went in gas money for the rides in car to the locations.

We can't really say how much money we spend in the entire year but definitely it was less than 1000 €.

Due to the fact that nowadays everybody have a camera even in their cellphones and that everybody can post anything online, the market of webseries has grown a lot in the last few years. This fact is good in the way that It's easier for the people to film what they want and to post it online but just because everybody can do it and there is so many things on the internet it's more difficult to stand out from the others. So even having a good idea, a good realization and all the factors that you need to make your series good that may not be enough this days.

It's true that there are great talents being discovered through the Internet but we still need to do big steps in order to realize that sometimes you can find better products online that on the TV or a cinema screen.

Inside the critic of our series we talk about that, what people watches on the Internet and how randomly is to grow up with a stupid video and how because of this the product realized online is still not being taken seriously.

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